Grading “How rap is helpful and harmful for Kids” by Aidee Sierra

For our most recent assignment, my classmates and I were tasked with grading Aidee Sierra’s paper “How Rap is Helpful and Harmful for Kids”. Overall, I felt the essay was very informative and had many good points, but I decided in giving the paper a grade of a 90 due to some minor formatting and grammatical errors found throughout the paper. To begin with, the paper does not place a page number and last name in the upper-right hand corner. This formatting, while seemingly minor, is required for a paper written in MLA format. Second, there are words in the title that are not capitalized, and that also is required by the MLA format. Lastly, I was a little confused in the first paragraph as to what points where going to be argued in the paper. I believe the introduction could have been a little clearer. However, aside from those small issues, the paper has some very good points on the good and bad effects of rap music on the youth. There is some very informative information to back up the claims and the statements made in the paper. In addition to the good information, the paragraphs were also neatly formatted, to make moving from one topic to the next easy and smooth. So in conclusion, Aidee Sierra’s paper had a few minor mistakes that could have been corrected before the final draft, but all-in-all, the paper delivered some very strong points and credible information to back it up, and for that, the paper was given a 90.


Numbers Don’t Lie: Dating Sites More Popular Than Ever


Since its introduction, the internet has been nothing short of revolutionary. Endless amounts of information is available and is just a mouse click away, but as much as online information has grown since the internet was introduced, another area has been gaining popularity with internet users: online dating sites. Online dating sites are a great way to meet potential partners because online dating sites have offered people another form of communicating with an increased pool of potential partners. In addition to increasing the pool of people, online dating has allowed people to find matches tailored to their specific preferences without having to go through the routine of meeting another person and comparing interests, only to find they are not good matches. Before the days of online dating sites, people would meet their boyfriends/girlfriends through mutual friends, nights out with friends, or the courageous act of talking to a strangers you found attractive, but the problem for many people would be that there would not be many options available for some people. Not everyone was comfortable with approaching a stranger on the street, some are not interested in going to bars or clubs to meet potential partners, and some people did not want to be set up by friends. With online dating sites, the number of potential partners went through the roof. Thousands of people are signed up to at least one dating site, and thousands continue to sign up every day. With the addition of more potential matches, the ability to tailor your matches to specific criteria has left many people satisfied. The relief of knowing a person you are interested has the personality you look for is a big reason why many are happy with the online dating experience. In fact, according to author Aaron Smith, in his article for Pew Research Center, “80% of Americans who have used online dating sites agree that online dating is a good way to meet people”. Giving people access to more potential matches and the ability to further look for a person specific to their interests is a reason that using online dating sites have continued to increase in popularity and are good to use for people looking for someone to begin dating.

420 in Texas?


Ever since marijuana was legalized in Colorado and Washington, there has been talks of legalizing marijuana in Texas. There are a few benefits to legalizing marijuana, such as the reduction of drug related crime and the potential to earn additional state funds. To begin with, legalizing marijuana in Texas can potentially reduce the amount of crime related to the sale and use of marijuana. If marijuana is legalized, it will eliminate a big part of the drug trade’s revenue and reduce the amount of people arrested for what many consider a small crime.

marijuana crime

Secondly, legalizing marijuana will mean that the state can regulate the industry and sell marijuana for money that can become another source of revenue for the state, revenue that can be used for important projects like maintaining our roads and highways etc. With the population of Texas growing every year, an extra source of revenue can be the difference between accommodating everyone’s needs or having to make budget cuts.

So whether or not marijuana is ever legalized in Texas, there are benefits to consider when discussing the topic with our politicians and voters. Reducing crime and adding revenue would help any state, but in Texas, it would go a really long way towards keeping Texas’ economy in good shape.

The Redskins Controversy

The debate on whether or not the Washington Redskins should change their name has been a controversial one for many years now. Many people are pushing for the Redskins to change their name for the reason that it is offensive to certain groups of Native Americans. The Redskins name is one that is outdated and needs to be removed from our society. To begin, many Native American groups have voiced their displeasure with the name for being a term used during times of tension. To have a large group voice their displeasure over the name should be reason to change the name and pay respect to the people who find the term offensive. In a time of racial tension all over the country, it is important to eliminate all offensive and demeaning terms to all groups from society. Secondly, all of the negative publicity not only affects the Redskins, but also the NFL. People will continue to voice their displeasure and boycott NFL events which can hurt the NFL’s public image and bottom line. For the NFL to show they are aware of social issues and committed to doing the right thing, they need to use their influence to convince the Redskins to change their name. The Washington Redskins have been reluctant to change their name due to the team’s history with that name, but there are many events and terms throughout history that do not hold up throughout time, and the Washington Redskins name is one that is overdue for a change.

Musicians & Social Issues

Super Bowl

Musicians performing during halftime shows at the Super Bowl should avoid sending messages about social issues for the reasons that they were contracted to entertain the public and the physical environment may not be the best place to maximize the effect of the message. To begin, the performers contracted to play the Super Bowl are always the biggest names in the industry. Artists that have millions of fans are chosen to perform because of the success of their music in the industry. Therefore, people do not watch their favorite musicians perform to receive messages on social issues, they watch their favorite performers because their music entertains the fans. Secondly, during an event like the Super Bowl, the atmosphere is of fans cheering, having fun, and enjoying a good game with a good show at halftime. Presenting messages on social issues during a game like the Super Bowl may actually negate the effect of the message. The message’s meaning may be lost on people that are not in the right state of mind to fully understand what is being said. Others may feel uneasy with the messages and may ruin what was originally a good time for the fan. So in conclusion, musicians who perform during the Super Bowl should be advised to avoid messages on social issues so

Team Meeting

The gay community has been fighting for years against discrimination. Our society is finally starting to accept the fact that their community is here and part of society. More and more famous celebrities are coming out and raising awareness. One case in particular, was the case of former NFL player, Michael Sam. When Michael Sam revealed that he was gay, it sparked a lot of attention of both people who were ok with the statement and people who felt he should not reveal such information. When thinking of the situation from the team’s point of view, My handling of the situation would be to address the issue with the player directly and then making the decision as an organization to back him up and welcome him to the team. To begin, the issue needs to be addressed with the player so that there are no surprises or miscommunications between the player and the coaches. Understanding why the player decided to make such a revelation public will help the team make decisions to navigate through the media attention that will ensue. Secondly, once the coaches and player have an understanding of the situation, the next step would be to support the player in his decision. A player that has the courage to come out publicly shows a lot of courage. Equally, a coach or team that can support someone in that situation also shows great character. We are all different individuals with different backgrounds and beliefs. A successful team should not show discrimination towards any one regarding their character and sexual orientation. If a player in my team came out as gay, the first thing I would do would be to talk to my player to understand his decision, followed by supporting my player in his decision.

Teachers and Technology?

Social Media

Nowadays it is common to find nearly any one on one form of social media. Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat are just a few of the popular choices people have to connect via social media. With so many people on social media, the debate as to whether or not teachers should be allowed to “follow” their students, becomes controversial, but the internet can offer teachers the ability to give students updates on important deadlines and projects, and share information corresponding to the class teachings. With the internet connecting us like never before, teachers can post last-minute updates that can be useful to students, such as rescheduling dates for quizzes and exams, or cancellation of classes or projects. In addition to updates, teachers can share information online that may pertain to the topics being discussed in class such as current events, studies of theories and ideas, and videos that may help explain topics for students to understand. If the internet was created to connect us together, teachers should have the privilege to take advantage of that opportunity. Letting teachers keep students updated and post additional lessons, benefits both parties.


Paper or Plastic: Should E-Textbooks Replace Textbooks?

The increased use of technology in our lives has begun to move in to our classrooms. With many people having access to the internet, there are more options available for students to bypass buying traditional textbooks and opting for electronic textbooks. Switching to e-textbooks exclusively can be problematic for the reasons that accessibility is not guaranteed to everyone, and some people may have trouble retaining the information via an electronic textbook. First, it cannot be guaranteed that everyone will have access to learn via a textbook. This is because it requires the student to either buy a laptop, tablet, etc. plus internet access, or go to a location that offers both such as a library. With the fast-paced life of a student, making time to visit the library for hours at a time will not always be convenient. Furthermore, their financial situation may not allow them to pay a monthly subscription for internet access on top of the cost of a computer and an online textbook. Secondly, there are many ways people learn and retain information. Some people learn best by visually seeing the assignments explained. Others learn best by audibly hearing the lectures or assignments. This applies to the way we retain information from reading. People who prefer to read traditional textbooks may find that they cannot retain information as well or cannot read for too long when reading an e-textbook.

World Religion 101

Religion is one of the most important topics in our society. Everyone around the world has their religion they follow and their own beliefs. It is for that reason that it is important that all of our students are introduced to world religion in high school. Introducing them to world religion will help them in both the local and global societies. To begin with, America is one of the most diverse countries in the world. With all of the different cultures and religions that exist in our society, it is important that we understand each other’s beliefs. Understanding each other’s beliefs will help us empathize with other religions and lead to peaceful interactions between each other. Additionally, understanding each other’s beliefs will reduce miscommunications in the increasingly globalized job market. With many nations and cultures beginning to do business together, teaching our kids to understand world religion will assist them in navigating through the different cultures and religions they will encounter in their professional lives. So in conclusion, it is important for students to study World Religion in high school because of the increase in diversity both in the local community and the global business sector



Life Accomplishments

Since our days as children, we are told to work hard and we can accomplish all of our goals. I’d like to think that I am working as hard as I can to accomplish my goals. If I could accomplish two of my goals before I die, the first would be to finish my schooling, and second, to travel the world. To begin, I would like to complete my degree in Architecture. I would really like to complete my degree because it would open the door to an exciting career that I am passionate about. I always imagine myself designing everything from small residential homes to huge city skyscrapers. Earning my degree in Architecture would be one of my biggest life achievements. In addition to finishing my career, the second thing I would like to accomplish would be to begin traveling the world. Without question the first place I would visit would be Madrid, Spain. Not only is the architecture there some of the most beautiful in the world, Madrid also happens to be the home city of my favorite soccer club, Real Madrid, whom I’ve always wanted to see play in person. The atmosphere of a live Real Madrid games is something I’ve always wanted to experience. After my stop in Madrid, the amount of beautiful places to see are endless. So if all goes well and my hard work pays off, I would like to earn my degree, and travel the world before i die.